Carole – Riverside Drama – Raining outside but warm inside!

Riverside Drama – Raining outside but warm inside?

Saturday 3rd June – the summer might have disappeared as I got off the train in Alloa – it was windy, raining and had turned a bit cold in comparison to recent weeks, however, inside was warm and welcoming.  In order to try to stick to my eating regime I tried my best to avoid the lovely home baking but it all looked excellent.

My brief had been that the club would like to work on voice and with some new members they wanted to look at clarity, projection and sustaining the voice.

The first half of the workshop focussed on various warm-ups and techniques with a slightly hysterical go at ‘Where’s my Spaghetti Luigi’.  Regulars will know that this is one of my favourite voice exercises – and it didn’t let me down with some hilarious stereotypical Italians entering into the proceedings!

We worked on monologues for the 2nd half of the workshop – I have been delivering a few of these workshops recently and I continue to search for some good quality ones giving everyone lots of opportunities to dissect a piece of text with the focus on the technicalities of delivering the words rather than a lot of discussion about character and context.

There was some really good quality discussion about different approaches to text and the lightbulb moments about beginnings and ends of each sentence as well as finding the places to add interest through pauses and intonation.  My only regret is that we couldn’t hear everyone’s piece – there is never enough time and I think we just needed about another half an hour in this one.

This was a small but perfectly formed group and I really enjoyed my return visit – it has been some time since I have been with the club and I hope that it won’t be that long again.

They say every picture tells a story and I couldn’t resist posting all of the photos here – particularly the ones where we attempted a selfie at the end as this was probably one of the most hysterical moments of the afternoon.

Thank you Riverside I think we created our own bit of sunshine.

See you down the road.



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