Carole – Fun in Fintry!

Fun in Fintry!

Sunday 10 September – raining and a bit cold I headed up into the hills to Fintry – hoping that people would still come out despite the horrible weather.  The final number of participants totalled 9  all willing and open to trying anything,

I gave the group the choice about whether they wanted to focus on text or movement – the resounding answer was ‘can we have it all?’.  We finally agreed on on keeping the first half of the workshop open withs games, some warm-ups a bit of voice work and we started thinking about movement.  After a brief comfort break this was where I took my biggest gamble and challenged the group to represent a whole story just with our bodies (we used Snow White as our inspiration because that will be the panto for Fintry this year – see if you can identify the relevant moments from the pictures below).

I cannot say how rewarding it is to work with a group of adults who are willing to throw off their inhibitions and tap into the inner child that allows you to just ‘go for it’.  The quality of the work and the discussion was fantastic with everyone seeing the benefits of attempting to tell a whole story through pictures.  With people being prepared to be characters and objects there was plenty of hysteria (the sofa with the sagging seats and the contemporary painting will stick in my memory for a long time)

We thought it would be good to perhaps have a day at the beginning of rehearsals when you could bring the whole cast in and  get them to create a picture for every scene.  Stage 2 is where you focus on the transitions between them, perhaps give them captions along the way. A great opportunity to build a team and also to get ideas from the whole cast.

There were the usual regrets that more people hadn’t come to the workshop but there is a saying in drama that you always have the right people in the room because we are the ones who turned up!

We created our own bit of sunshine with lots of laughter and food for thought.

Until next time Fintry, see you down the road.



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