Carole -Onwards & Upwards to Orkney

Carole – Onwards & Upwards to Orkney

Travel arrangements made – check!

Information from the District about what they want me to focus on – check!

Bag containing a few items of clothes but lots of workshop materials, packed – check!

So I headed off to Orkney for a return visit on Friday 29 September and I was just as excited as I was this time last year.  Workshop number 1 focussed on Stagecraft.  We worked on the orientation of the stage and status of objects and people before setting up a scene and directing it.  A small group of about 8 people attended and we got through a lot in a half day workshop.  We kept the elements of devising to allow us to create scenes quickly without having scripts in hand.  I will reflect on this approach a bit more as I wonder if it did save us time and maybe people would have preferred to work on an existing scene.  Any comments would be gratefully received!

I always feel that we could do with more time when it comes to the end and I am sure we could have easily continued with the work we were doing well into the afternoon but there was a lighting workshop scheduled for the afternoon led by the technical team in the Kirkwall Theatre so we had to stop.

Day 2 and workshop number 2 – this time we looked at voice and character.  We limbered up our vocal chords and worked on opening up the space inside the mouth and throat.  Everyone then worked on a monologue, I had to make sure there was enough time at the end to see the ones from everyone who wanted to share which was most people. We had to time this with precision to make sure that everyone got their spot and I think we all really enjoyed seeing the same monologue done by more than one person as we could discuss the different approaches and accept the fact that there isn’t just one way to present something.   It was a really big group and a wide span of ages but I hope that there was something for everyone.  We could only get as far as we did by the focus and handwork of everyone in the room so well done to you all!

I love working with the folk in Orkney District – I am always made to feel so welcome and people are very openminded to consider new things – they also collaborate so well across ages and levels of experience.  Considering it was the first weekend of panto rehearsals and there was a Murder Mystery going up the week after my visit, I was very impressed that so many people still managed to come along to the workshop.

I hope that there will be a 3rd visit and leave it to the clubs to make that decision, in the meantime…
See you down the road



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