Carole – Everyday gestures in Edinburgh

Carole – Everyday gestures in Edinburgh

First workshop for 2018 saw me heading over to Edinburgh to Edinburgh People’s Theatre.  The scenery on the train journey was beautiful with snow covering the hills.

This was my second invitation to be a part of the club workshop programme.  They run workshops once a month on a Saturday morning with a variety of different facilitators.  This results in people being very open-minded to new ideas and ways of working so I was very happy when they opted for my workshop ‘Capturing the everyday’.  Everyday gestures turned into flexible, contemporary choreography.

After a couple of warm-up activities including a game of physical chinese whispers we were in the right frame of mind to create some choreography.  We understood by this point that we needed a high focus on clarity when using gestures and movement.  Using the prologue to Romeo and Juliet we shaped the moves and found the points of interaction with the text.  Had we gone on for another hour I think we would have continued to develop what had started out as a very simple series of movements.  Playing with pace, volume of movement, movements of stillness and moments of precision.  I was able to film the short piece which the group watched and enabled us collectively to do a bit of tweaking and re-run it.

There was a lovely atmosphere of generosity and openness in the room.  As well as members of the club who were able to attend the workshop free of charge, it was also opened up to others clubs in the district and it was very nice to see them.  I really appreciated them coming out on a cold and icy morning to attend the workshop.  For a small charge they could get the benefit of the workshop and have a chance to chat to each other over coffee – great example of community!

I hope that the club continue to invite me to be a part of their workshop programme and want to say thanks very much for having me back again.  I look forward to the next time, until then

See you down the road



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