Festivals Rules and forms update

Festivals Rules and forms update

 Please note the current Entry fee is £40

Festival Rules and Forms Update

Its that time of year again, and the following is a brief summary of changes you should be aware of.
It’s important however to read both the Rules and Guidance notes.

Forwarding of forms

We have clarified how the form F1 is to be moved around within the organisation.  This is laid out on the first page but for clarity, it is repeated here:-


  • By the first deadline, Club sends entry form with initial info to district organising secretary.
  • District organising secretary completes notification on page 3 and sends out to team
  • By second deadline, Club completes the rest of entry form and sends it to back to district organising secretary only.
  • Organising secretary forwards form F1 to technical team and person responsible for programme
  • Division and Scottish
  • Organising secretary forwards F1 of teams progressing to the organising secretary of the next stage.
  • Notification page is completed and form returned to team for any amendment to technical requirements and programme details
  • Team returns form to Organising Secretary with any amended details
  • Organising secretary forwards to those requiring the information

Note that the use of a Dropbox shared folder greatly facilitates communication.

Scottish Life and Character

Divisions now determine eligibility even at district level.  Their decision is binding at all stages of festival.


We have added two new checklists for

  • Stage Managers
  • Organising Secretaries
  • Adjudicators

In addition there has been: –

  • Some minor clarification to the contract
  • Continuation of the use of feedback forms
  • A new form for adjudicators to comment on the festival
  • Guidance on the contents of a Team Info pack.
  • A template team congratulation letter.

As this letter is important to the provision of information and the smooth running of the festival, it has been sent to all secretaries.

For  full details of changes please see here

Finally, the committee is always interested in views and willing to help if difficulties are being experienced.  You can communicate in two ways:-

Tony Flisch

Festivals Convenor