National Drama Adviser

   National Drama Advisor Carole Williams


My role as National Drama Advisor is to assist the Organisation with the following:-

  • Providing support and input at a local level to clubs through tailored workshops and rehearsal visits
  • Keeping members informed of any changes in legislation relating to Health and Safety or The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG) and ensuring that up to date information is available on our website
  • Creating adaptable resources and best practice information on subjects such as child protection
  • Providing a timely advisory service by responding to members’ concerns or queries in connection with artistic, legislative or health & safety matters
  • Networking with the wider theatre and arts sector, and negotiating partnerships with other bodies to support the long term development of the Association
  • Raising the profile of the SCDA nationally and contributing to funding initiatives
  • Recommending theatre specialists who can provide specialist skills or masterclasses where these cannot be delivered by myself


Members should contact me on with any questions or concerns that are not related to membership, and I will try to find practical and pragmatic, cost effective solutions to any production related problems.

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