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Carole – On the right Path(head)

It’s always great to meet new clubs so I was very excited to travel over to Pathhead Players on  lovely sunny evening in August.  Pat Johnson and myself had been in contact regarding the content and had settled on voice as the main focus.  I arrived every so slightly out of breath as, although I had left myself plenty of time to get there I managed to miss the building, even with satnav!

On arrival I found an enthusiastic bunch of people with a big spread of ages.  The younger members would be there for the first part of the evening leaving a small amount of time for the adults on their own at the end.  I always feel a slight trepidation with a group of mixed ages.  I try to make the workshop as challenging as possible but inevitably that means that there are compromises as I want the workshop to be as accessible as possible for everyone.  I need not have worried with Pathhead Players, many of whom had never been in a drama workshop before.  Everyone threw themselves into everything with gusto, it was great fun seeing them all channel their “Luigi’s’ to experiment with volume and to highlight the importance of body language.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and hope that everyone else who came along took away at least one thing that helps them personally.  One of the highlights for me was when someone told me that they weren’t keen on sharing their work, due to a lack of confidence, but at the very end asked if they could still share something.  It is so important to me that the workshop space is safe and supportive and I am so glad that there was enough trust to do this.

Already looking forward to my next visit which I hope will be a weekend day as it always feels too short when I have one evening.  In the meantime here are a couple of photographs to whet your appetite.










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