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  1. Tony Flisch

    Stirling District
    First Place, Munro Trophy, FADS; “Eight O’ Clock”
    Second Place, Proctor Trophy, Tryst; “Antigone”
    Third Place and also proceeding to Eastern Division, Killin; “Happy Jack”
    Jean Sinclair Quaich, Best Moment of Theatre, SSS Young Farmers
    Tarmachan Trophy, Best stage presentation, Tryst

  2. Tony Flisch

    The results of the Edinburgh District One-Act Festival held 15 to 17 Feb 2018 at Church Hill Theatre were as follows:
    Winners – Edith Forbes Trophy – EGTG 2 with “A Number” by Caryl Churchill
    Runners-up – Mrs Charles Rowland Cup –with “The Sociable Plover” by Tim Whitnall
    Third place – Ian Wishart Quaich – EGTG 1 with “The Ram In The Thicket” by Glen Mhor
    Highest marks for Production – Eric Bennett Trophy – EGTG 2 “A Number”
    Highest marks for Acting – Margaret Allan Quaich – The Livingston Players(SCIO) “Sociable Plover”
    Best Stage presentation – Bobby Watt Cup – EGTG 2 “A Number”
    Adjudicator: Gavin Orr

    Best Moment of Theatre – John McIntyre Trophy – awarded by Emergency Panel: Twilighters with Blind Date by Peter Quilter

    EGTG 2 , Livingston Players, and 4th placed Leitheatre (S) will represent Edinburgh at the Eastern Divisional Final in Kill 22nd to 24th March.

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