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This is the place for questions and discussions on all matters to do with festivals.  You need to type your query comment at the bottom of the page.  The most recent items appear att the top.  You comment will not appear immediately as it needs to be moderated first


5 comments on “Festival Forum

  1. Isabella Rae

    I’m not surprised festival entries are dropping. Bureaucracy gone mad. East Kibride Rep runs a successful festival year after year with ONE form to complete plus a drawing of your set. I’m told the forms are great for those who receive them. Great. What about the poor nutters who have to complete them?The receivers soon won’t have to worry when there are hardly any clubs taking part. Spent an hour and a half today when I’d more important things to do. Please simplify this.

    1. Tony Flisch

      Sorry it took so long to respond to this Isabella. The fillable pdf form F1 was in fact a rationalisation of the multiple entry, sound, lighting, programme notification etc forms that previously had to be filled out separately in ink and posted. Each of these required the same information about play, club contacts etc to be completed. The new F1 form asks for each piece of information only a single time so it should actually save time and was done in response to complaints about this repetition
      I’ll refer this to the Festivals committee and we can look at the EK form.

  2. Tony Flisch

    Thanks for that feedback Lorna – some very helpful suggestions. The festivals committee will be seeking feedback and carrying out a review later this year.

  3. admin

    This is a question for the festival committee. Why can I not edit the form with my Vista laptop

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