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We have started an online resource page to assist members and clubs with getting to grips with the return to public performance.  This will be updated regularly as the rules and guidance changes.  See under resources in the menu at the side, or click here


New Resources for Youth leaders

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It is with great regret and a heavy heart that we announce the cancellation of our Scottish
One Act Play Festival scheduled for September 2021. We had deferred this difficult decision
for as long as possible but unfortunately it seems government restrictions are not going to
be lifted in time to make rehearsals possible for teams. Safety of our members is of
paramount importance at all times.
We plan now to focus our attention and efforts on an exciting reunion in November at our
AGM and relaunching of our One Act Festival in 2022 hopefully following normal timetables.
We look forward to seeing everyone back next year celebrating the return of physical

Carolyn Harrison
SCDA National Chair

Play on Words Competition 

The competition is now closed to entries

There has been a good response,  thanks to all who entered.



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6 comments on “Latest News

  1. David Potter

    This my entry for the Monologue Competition. We are having serious problems with our You Tube account, so I thought it better to send my entry to you directly just in case it does not work before tomorrow. We would hope to have everything i order, but this is just in case it doesn’t work.!AuIHzGaHJ1EO8ED6YYPKxK6kueSg

    David Potter, Auld Kirk Players, Kirkcaldy.

  2. Joseph.yeardly

    How do I join ?
    I have downloaded the form but as the office is shut can I email the form and pay by paypal ?

    1. Lesley Syme

      Hi Joe, there’s a PayPal link on this site – or you can just PayPal to
      Brenda is working at home with access to email so if you email the form she’ll get it.
      Any problems email me on the membership address.

  3. Carole

    Great to hear and something I was going to consider running in the future. Thanks for sharing. Carole

  4. Darren Robinson

    Which town or city is next year’s British one act play final going to be held in thanks?

    1. Tony Flisch

      2021 will be as 2020 should have been – i.e. Rhyl

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