Carole – Puss in Boots in Stonehaven

Carole – Puss in Boots in Stonehaven

It’s always a pleasure taking the train up the East Coast with so many great places to stop off.  My destination was Stonehaven where I was going to get to work with Ury Players.  It’s been a while since I’ve been to Stonehaven although I have worked with members of the club at Aberdeen District events.

Having been sent the script in advance I was able to prepare a bespoke workshop looking at voice projection and clarity.  I’m not a great lover of panto but reading it had me laughing out loud and made it much easier for me to think about what might be useful for cast.  After some general warm-ups we worked with the opening speech which introduces the whole play.

I believe that once you have done the physical work to free up the voice the focus needs to go onto the meaning and being clear what response you want from the audience.  What are the important words?  Is there enough variety in the tone to make it listenable?  Is there enough space through successfully using pauses to allow the audience to catch up?

Working in small groups everyone came up with so many creative and interesting approaches and worked so hard in a short space of time that I didn’t even take any photos which is a real shame as there were countless moments that would have made great photos.

With a mix of workshop veterans and people who had never been to a workshop it was great to see everyone working together and helping each other to try new things.

Good luck to everyone involved in the panto and see you down the road!



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