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    1. Tony Flisch

      Its done – see bottom of page

  1. Tony Flisch

    Change Home Page Name to “Who we are”

  2. Tony Flisch

    Can we make the colour of links a bit stronger – unless they are bold they are hard to see

  3. Tony Flisch

    Some notes from Carole I don’t want to forget!
    I’ll get to work on that – probably already gone stuff written that can be lifted.

    A couple of other things have also come into my head – sorry that’s what happens with me it’s more of a trickle than a waterfall of ideas

    1. Could we remove all of the branding like theatremaker/playmaker – they were Fiona Rogan’s thing and they don’t really mean anything to members in my opinion – no-one has even spoken to me in those terms

    2. Could I input into the legislation pages around PVG. I think we also need to add in Child Performance Licences – I’m working on this at the moment and will be sending something out in the New Year for clubs to get their heads around. Also copyright and PRS should be better introduced and signposted. I am sure you already have lots of stuff for Health & Safety and I have thought for a long time that we could provide a risk assessment template to help clubs do this better if at all. Maybe we should also inlcude somethng about the importance of public liability insurance.

    A couple of others spring to mind Tony, what about a gallery section for images (although I am considering other online tools there’s not reason not to have them on the website as well unless there is a capacity issue) and a useful links section.

  4. Tony Flisch

    Where should we put the existing financial support? I think we need to have a good look again at structure or we could end up with too many top level pages

  5. Tony Flisch

    Ive stuck the Donate button on the Home page but the button appearance is jarring – think we need to put it somewhere else

    1. Ken Boyd

      The donate button doesn’t look great, suggest a custom button which i can deal with if people are in approval?

      1. Tony Flisch

        That would be great. Ive added you in your own right as an Administrator as this message was awaiting approval but I dint get an email. Ive made my email the default Admin email so you dont get the notifications

  6. Tony Flisch

    The header text position on the page depends on the size of the browser window which just doesn’t work. This is something we maybe should talk about. Doing graphics with text is tedious but you can control the precise appearance.
    To be honest I prefer it with no header text, use an image at top of page and put header in page formatted as Heading 1.
    I’ve removed the featured image from this page as it was blocking the most recent posts.
    Have we lost the slider plugin? I don’t seem to be able to find it
    The menu behaviour is much better though I think each level flies too far.

    1. Ken Boyd

      Ok, yeh the text I’ve put on is ‘absolutely’ positioned which means that it always sits in the same place – not a great solution. I think putting text on the image is fine, we just need to agree how we’re doing this and what it looks like. RE the sliders, I can fix that, the first level slider has one property and the others are all governed by the same property – so I can control all of them. What do you think?

      1. Tony Flisch

        What I would like is each menu category to have the same header image with the text of the top level page to provide a context. I’m happy to do that by editing the images as its not too many.
        If each page and child pages have the title suitably formatted at the top of each page body that would work – it certainly ends up looking the way Id like. Having the text arbitrarily placed on top of an image inst a good look – perhaps this is something that needs a chat rather than emails.
        Not sure I entirely understand about the sliders

  7. Tony Flisch

    We must remember about other forms & documents like pvg .

  8. Tony Flisch

    We need to have alert triggered for a new comment though it might not need approval

  9. Ken

    Guys, final point before the meeting today. There’s something not quite right with these theme in terms of how it is folding the page with the images on it but I’m sure I can fix that. It would be great if we could get a decision on whether (basically) this theme is gonna work or not. If we feel it is, then I can start putting time into sorting it out, but if not, then we should start looking. Just to echo what Tony said – images are crucial – if we have good images then we can go for an image-based theme, otherwise we really need to do something like this.

    If we like this theme in principle, we need to find a background we can use – this one is copyrighted – this is all fine and sort-able.

    so really, from my point of view, I would like to get the theme and layout nailed asap and then you can basically start populating it but it means that as you’re doing that, you can see exactly what you’re working with. Any questions during the meeting, just give me a call, thanks, Ken.

  10. Lesley Syme

    OK, just catching up – don’t “do” jetlag but I clearly “do Sleeper lag” especially when a bus gets into the equation…….I can bore you with that tomorrow but meantime need to sleep….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. Tony Flisch

    We need amongst lots of things to assemble pictures optimised in size and cropped to suitable dimensions. Ive change the Welcome page slide show but the pics are different sizes and too big.
    We also need to manage media files.
    Ken what do you think here? looks useful, but this review doesent mention it:-
    Finally I think it would be best if newest comments were at the top of the page. Found this but this theme seems different.
    1. Open comments.php
    2. Find the line: foreach ($comments as $comment) {
    3. Immediately before that line, add $comments = array_reverse($comments);

    1. admin

      Tony, two things here – comments should now be the right way round!.

      RE the media manager, I think this is a good idea – we’re going to have so many images on there, it’s vital we have a good way of organising them. One of the links in the ‘best plugins page’ you sent me also allows shortcode formats for images on pages, this could also be useful but not vital. I would say let’s just put one of those plugins on and go for it! Cheers, K

  12. Morna Barron

    Like the change of colour makes it not so stark. C
    Could we perhaps make some of tabs friendlier eg Structure – ‘Where we are’ Training – ‘ Learning Skills’ Committees ‘ our people’ or something similar get rid of the business type names?

    moving pictures great asset.

  13. Tony Flisch

    I think the white page background looks really stark compared with its surroundings. Changed it to grey but can’t see how to change default text colour

  14. Tony Flisch

    What do you think of the current ‘look’
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