Northern Division

northern Northern Division

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Hon. President Peter Stevens,
Chairman Paula Gibson
Vice Chairman Tish Howard,
Treasurer Peter Esson,
Minute Secretary Ian Stewart 
Festival Secretary Morna Barron,
Aberdeen (council area: City of Aberdeen and Shetland)
Chairman: Tom Gibson,
Vice Chairman: Paula Gibson,
Secretary: Peter Esson
Treasurer: Peter Esson,
Angus (council area: Angus, City of Dundee)
Chairman: Carolyn Harrison,
Vice Chairman:  Betty Gibson
Secretary: John Fraser,
Treasurer: Grant Wislon
Orkney (council area: Orkney)
Chairman: Graham Garson,
Vice Chairman: Erika Miller
Secretary: Margaret Sutherland,
Treasurer: Alistair Morton,
Perthshire (council area: Perth and Kinross)
Chairman: Fran Norris
Vice Chairman:
Secretary: Ian Stewart,
Treasurer: Muriel Rae,