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Documents & Forms

Update Note

For 2018-19 the following have been changed :- Doc_1, Doc-2, Doc-12, Form-F-1, Form-F-4, Form F-9
These are shown in Bold Face in the list below.  Changes to docs and forms other than F1 have been highlighted in yellow within the doc/form.

Entry Deadline is Saturday 10 November

All participating clubs need to be aware of relevant Child Protection / PVG legislation – click here

For entries to Youth festivals or where a child may appear in an open entry you must follow the Child Entertainment License procedures 

Please note the current entry fee is £40 and that districts may require a deposit in addition to the fee.

Send entries to your district secretary.  In an emergency, if you are unable to do this, then send to

Please do not abuse this facility.

If you want to report an issue or make any comment on the forms, post your comment/query in the festival forum or email by clicking here.
Windows 10 users may have to right click on the forms to open them in Acrobat Reader as the Microsoft browser ‘Edge’ hijacks pdfs as its own. Sadly you can’t fill in the forms with “Edge”.
It’s best to download the form first then open it; edit it; then save it