Carole – Aberdeen Antics

Carole – Aberdeen Antics

I love taking the train up to Aberdeen from Glasgow, it passes through some of the most beautiful scenery.  When we arrive on the East Coast passing through Carnoustie (I wave to my friends at the Dibble Tree theatre), Dundee, Arbroath, Montrose and, on this occasion, a misty arrival in Aberdeen.  After a few hours of sitting down I enjoy my walk up to the Arts Centre Aberdeen even if it is raining, there’s always a warm welcome waiting for me.

Unfortunately the planned workshop for Monday evening didn’t happen, we hadn’t taken into account the fact that we had scheduled it for Monday 31 October and apologies were received from people with young children who were trick or treating although by this time the rain was relentless so I think most people were probably quite happy to stay indoors.

Tuesday evening the Aberdeen district workshop was scheduled and I knew that Peter would do his best to ensure that we had a good turnout.  It’s always great to see people from different clubs coming together and alongside the regulars there were some new faces.  I had agreed with Peter that I would deliver a mask workshop which was ready to go – masks purchased.  I had however created a movement workshop for Monday based on a process used by one of the movement directors at the National Theatre and I felt that it may be more beneficial for attendees so I asked Peter if it would be ok to make this last minute change, postponing masks to a later date.

Following some general warm ups and group movement tasks we started working together to create a piece of ‘chorus’ movement working with everyday objects and choreographing individual movements into a cohesive whole.  We then built in some text and looked at dynamics, pace and playing with different versions to see what we liked and what we didn’t think worked so well.  We decided that I should film our ‘final’ version so that we could look at it critically together to allow everyone to see the overall effect.

I think that it gave everyone something to think about and with panto on the horizon I thought this would give a contemporary twist to chorus moments rather than having to only use more traditional ways of choreography.  As always I learned a lot and will definitely market this workshop with some tweaks so if this sounds like something you would like please contact me on to agree a date.

Unfortunately with me taking on such an intensive role of leading/choreographing I wasn’t able to take photos.  I don’t want to post the short film as it wasn’t performance ready and I haven’t got permission from the attendees – if you want to see how the process works you’ll just have to book a workshop!

Thanks as always to everyone for being so open and generous with me and each other and to Paula and Tom for their usual hospitality, it’s like a home from home!

See you down the road


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