Community Connection 1 – 27 March 2020

Here is where it begins – Episode 1.

The set is a small table in the bedroom with a laptop.  There is a standard lamp hanging over the table to throw some light onto the speaker’s face.  She starts speaking trying to focus on the little dot at the top of the Screen

Carole : Hello, my name is Carole Williams

That was the scene this afternoon as I tried my first every recorded message to introduce this new blog.  I’ve spent the last week plotting and coming up with ideas for how we can all continue to pursue our hobby of making, watching and talking about all things dramatic!

I’m starting gently with some links to some great online options for you.  Plenty more to come and hopefully we can become more adventurous as the weeks go on.

Let’s start with this one – full length online productions of Shakespeare.  Even if you are new to Shakespeare there is a good description of the play before it starts and it’s a great introduction to new online productions.  Excellent acting and watch how they exchange letters (a common theatrical convention used by The Bard)

Here’s another one that I think you will like.  National Theatre have launched National Theatre Home and will be offering free live screenings once a week.  The season kicks off on YouTube with the excellent One Man, Two Guvnors on 2 April.  Follow the link here to find out more.

Our very own National Theatre of Scotland has announced a creative response to COVID-19 with Scenes for Survival and you can find out more here.


If you want to keep your finger on the pulse about new releases you could do a lot worse than check in on the news section of WhatsOnStage – find it here

And finally, if you like the big Broadway productions here is something I found just for you.  You can get a free 7 day trial.  It is an American site and the subscription is payable in US Dollars – I haven’t tried to subscribe so perhaps you let me know if it lets you do this from the UK.

Lots more coming your way next week.

Don’t forget to add comments and suggestions to this blog and let me know if you do watch any of these – let’s create conversations.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected, Be Creative

Carole Williams
National Drama Advisor


8 comments on “Community Connection 1 – 27 March 2020

  1. Robin Smith

    Virtual Meeting
    (Posted this in the wrong place last week – apologies for duplication – RS)
    We (Aberdour Players) replaced our regular weekly meeting with a ‘virtual’ club session via Skype last Tuesday, with great success!
    Eight devices/nine members were online (that’s about half our membership), and after a few teething problems getting things working for everyone, we had a highly successful two-hour meeting. We all had access to a number of small cast sketches/playlets using OneDrive – a friendly publisher had provided us with PDFs for this purpose, and a licence to share within the club.
    We asked people to ‘sign up’ in advance, and one host then set up a group meeting. Sound and visuals varied across the attendees, mainly reflecting the device they on, but reception was satisfactory – or better – for all of us. We’ll be repeating the exercise next week, and plan to do so regularly during the lockdown period.
    (PS: 31/3/20 Just had our second 2-hour session, nine people on seven devices this time, seems to be much enjoyed and appreciated)

    1. Carole Williams

      Thanks for this information Robin – hopefully more clubs will try this. Would be good to find out more about the publisher and the licence. Carole

  2. Elaine Graham

    Thanks for these Carole! Hope you’re keeping well. xx

    1. Carole Williams

      Hi Elaine – thanks for responding – good to know that people are reading the blog. I’m fine, just adapting to different ways of working. Hope you are well – I see that you are also going to be offering some online activities? Carole

  3. Carolyn Harrison

    Excellent ideas Carole to keep us all involved in drama from the safety of our own home. I haven’t had time to watch it yet but hope to follow your blogs when I have some spare time. I’m sure as the word spreads that they will become increasingly popular.
    Thanks for your time and effort.

    1. Carole Williams

      Thanks Carolyn – drop in when you get time – lots of things in the coming weeks. Best wishes, Carole

  4. Lesley Syme

    Great stuff happening Carole. Enjoyed the bit of The Two Gentlemen of Verona that I watched.

    1. Carole Williams

      Thank you for beings so quick Lesley! Lots more in the pipeline – I must admit I watched the Shakespeare over 2 days which was perfect. Taming of the Shrew next (I think it may have been last night) so I’m definitely going to watch that one. Safe safe.

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