COMMUNITY CONNECTION 12 – 28 August 2020

A month has passed since my last blog and what a lot has happened!  If you haven’t seen it already I urge you to take a look at the monologues SCDA writers have produced in collaboration with In Motion Theatre.  I participated in this fantastic project so that I could learn new skills and understand how the process works.  What did I learn?    Writing is a process, you need to get started but you may end up somewhere you weren’t expecting; you need to be brave and prepared to take on board advice; expect to rewrite sometimes large sections of text in order to make it dramatic and ready for performance; be prepared to allow others to share your work which is very nerve wracking.  

Lisa Nicoll (Producer & Script Development); Mikey Murray (Script Editor); Daryl Cockburn (Film Editor); Paul Devlin (Composer); Bryan Martin (Technical Support) all volunteered their time to make this happen so please feel free to donate if you can – you can find a link here on their website. 

We would all love to hear what you thought about the writing, you can comment on this post or drop me a line

Continuing our series of recorded interviews, I was very fortunate to interview Dominic Hill, Artist Director of the Citizens Theatre to find out from him what he thinks makes a good play.  Dominic was generous and full of advice for members.  I can’t thank him enough for making the whole thing so enjoyable – apart from a few problems with technology which were soon resolved.  If you haven’t dipped into it yet you can find it on the SCDA website homepage.

 The discussion continues about how and when theatre spaces can reopen but it feels like a very slow process.  With the panto season destroyed for many buildings, who rely on income from panto to sustain them through the rest of the year, it has been a disaster.  Even with government funding some of them will not be able to afford to continue.  Although things are looking bleak there are I found this interesting article in The Scotsman with Andy Arnold from The Tron Theatre in Glasgow talking about thinking forward.  Click here to read and let me have your thoughts.

Have you been tuning into the Proms?  The BBC are broadcasting all of the concerts one way or another.  Your choices are BBC Four, BBC iplayer or Radio 3.  There is so much choice of music from Rap to Viennese Operetta.  It truly is diverse and global in it’s reach and if you aren’t sure whether there is anything you like why not take a look at the full programme here

The Edinburgh International Festival has been running through August and the programme continues into September.  Some fascinating digital performance under the banner My Light Shines On – big shout out for An Evening with Scottish Ballet.  Even if you don’t usually watch ballet give it a go, I think you may be surprised!  Here’s the link.

Feel good moment.  A friend sent me this link via Facebook Messenger and it brought tears to my eyes – not just because of the uplifting message of the song but because it is a mother and son singing it.  Hope you enjoy it too!

Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Be Creative



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    It was excellent. Well done all round.

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