Here we are with the 4th news blog.  How has your week been?  Did anyone use any of the recommendations from last week? 

I had my first cuppa and a chat online meeting today and it was great to see some familiar faces from different parts of Scotland.  I am planning to make it a regular occurrence so look out for that.

I feel like I am slowly getting into my rhythm now and starting to collect my own thoughts about what we can/should offer you at a National level.  This has been helped by an unexpected opportunity that came along this week.  Through my contacts at Voluntary Arts Scotland I was connected with someone at BBC Radio Scotland – they want to put together a piece about communities in Scotland and were very interested in how drama clubs are responding to the current situation.  With very little time to collect information I put an urgent call out on Facebook and 16 clubs have been in touch to tell me about the wonderful breadth of creative activity going on.  This is so useful as it has enabled me to 

  • Open up the conversation with the BBC hopefully leading to a broadcast about our community
  • Share some of the information here for other clubs
  • Hone down my own plans so that I am not duplicating what is happening locally


I’ll let you know when it will be broadcast if the BBC project gets off the ground.

In order to provide you with a brief summary of everything happening I have rewritten the words to the Modern Major General song from Pirates of Penzance (for anyone who doesn’t know the song here is a link to a clip from the film version – it starts about 2.5 minutes in)

orchestra starts..

There’s reading plays and learning songs and dressing up in fancy dress

There’s watching shows that stream online and quizzes where you take a guess

There’s building props and learning lines and painting where you make a mess

And everybody’s grateful when they meet online, (short hold of breath) well more or less

In short in matters drama with the amateur societies we’re using being playful to respond to our anxieties

huge round of applause!


I have also discovered that whilst some clubs would like to hold play reading events they are not sure how to get started or where to find plays.  So, I have created a guide which I am putting up in a separate blog on the website.  I am very happy to help a club get started if you get in touch – although I am still wearing ‘L’ plates I am getting lots of practice.

Recommendations for this week..

Sardines, the magazine for amateur theatre, are publishing a weekly newsletter called Lockdown with lots of interesting articles and links.  If you want to subscribe here’s a link to their website.

Online tutorials

Has anyone taken any of the classes on  There are some big names from film and television.  Some of them are more focused on acting for camera but the Helen Mirren one for instance covers acting for stage.  They have a time limited subscription offer on at the moment so it may be worth a look here

On the subject of taking online courses, did you know that the Open University has over 1000 free online courses?  I plan to start with Approaching Plays but they cover such a wide range of topics that I am sure there will be something for everyone.  Here is the link

Who’s visited the Social Distancing Festival?  This is such an eclectic mix of cultural activity from across the world – maybe you have something you would like to contribute?  I try to dip in for a short pick-me-up – you can find it here

That’s me signing off now so that I can go and work on plans to launch my first online workshop for SCDA.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Be Creative



Although every care has been taken by SCDA in the recommendation of these resources, they exist on external servers outwith the control of SCDA and they have not been subject to detailed evaluation. Accordingly no guarantee is given by SCDA as to their suitability. SCDA shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising by virtue of accessing these links.


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