Hello readers.

Apologies that there was no blog from me last week – with the exciting news about the In Motion workshops I didn’t want to overload everyone.

This blog is becoming my weekly countdown – we are up to number 6 and I have been working at home full time for 8 weeks – plenty of time to adjust???  I am not sure that it is getting any easier.  There is a lot of conversation at the moment about looking after our mental health as we cope with our fears and the consequences of confinement.  One of the things that I find helps me is connecting to others whether I know them well or they are relative strangers. How about you?

After the success of the  ‘Cuppa and a Chat’ sessions I know that this is hugely beneficial for me – thanks to everyone who has joined in so far.  It would be great to see some new people taking part – what’s stopping you?  We are looking at putting in a bit more structure by having a theme or topic to discuss at future dates and would love you tell us what you would like to talk about.  See you there soon with a cuppa and a biscuit.

This week I am focusing once again on things that are suitable for young people – that doesn’t mean that the slightly more mature among us can’t still enjoy them!

Firstly, a comprehensive free online resource for anyone working with young people.  Thanks to Peter from Ury Players in Stonehaven for sending me the link which you can find here – it would take some time to get through all of them so many choices!  

Next up, the annual Young Poets of the Year competition for writers aged 11 – 17 has just been launched.  With the possibility of being published at the end of it, this is a great one to get involved in and you can find details here

Chichester Festival Theatre have released David Walliams The Midnight Gang and it looks brilliant.  Here is the link.  Suitable for ages 7 up this is one for the whole family to watch together

For ballet aimed at children, look no further than The London Children’s Ballet 2012 recording of A Little Princess which can be found here – joyful!

Not to forget a couple for the adults!   I start with a question – have you signed up for Lockdown, the Sardines Magazine weekly newsletter?  I know I’m repeating myself but it is so good and with people from amateur drama clubs from across the UK sending in their news, there are lots of ideas that you might want to steal.   Why not share what you are doing?  Follow my link here to their Facebook page where you can access all the editions so far.  I really enjoyed the recent rendition of Seasons of Love from Rent that was showcased, performed by Woodstock Musical Theatre Company based in Sheffield – come on Scotland let’s get some of our talent out there!

And lastly, National Theatre of Scotland have put up a couple of short tutorials which I thought you may be able to use.  One is about how to light yourself for home filming and the other how to make a film using your mobile.  Enjoy!

Hope you have a good week.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Be Creative



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4 comments on “COMMUNITY CONNECTION 6 – 8 May 2020

  1. Carole Williams

    We are doing well Paula. Settling into routine now and people starting to send me ideas of things to include in the weekly blog which is great. Lots of activity happening with local clubs which his great to hear about. Carole

  2. Paula Gibson

    Gosh. Huge amount of linkage there. Carole.
    Thanks for the Walliams headsup.I know a certain person who might like that!
    How are YOU coping?

    P ,T and C xx

    1. Carole Williams

      Thanks Lesley, lots of exciting ideas for young people. Carole

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