‘June is bustin’ out all over’ as the song goes and with the mostly sunny weather we’ve been having the optimism of the song lyrics seem easier to relate to.  Many of us may still be at home but we can start to emerge in a small ways so let’s think of the glass being half full today!

I won’t be doing a blog every week going forward to give me time to collect the best recommendations, but sometimes there are things that are happening soon and can’t be delayed and this is one of those weeks.

Firstly I want to give a shout out to all of the people who took part in my first online workshop last Saturday.  It was so enjoyable working on monologues together.  I am now preparing a follow up session and I can’t wait!

We also kicked off the Reserve Adjudicator training on Monday of this week with a great bunch of enthusiasts.  This training will help us all hone our understanding of theatre in general as well as the adjudication process.  Thanks to Dave Bennet for leading on this.

The In Motion play writing sessions are going full steam ahead.  As a participant myself I am learning so much about how to bring text to life.  Lots of transferable skills for directors and actors as well as writers.

What’s on this week

In 1909, E.M Forster wrote the short story ‘The Machine Stops’. It imagined a world where the human race lived in total isolation underground, shunning contact with each other, except through the machine. The Victorian author could not have envisaged how prophetic his words would be for a 2020 of lockdown and self isolation. Where loving words, reminiscences and even theatre are exchanged across the internet.

Big Telly’s brilliant live online adaptation of The Machine Stops is a rich, creative illustration of Victorian culture and psyche. The complex multiple layers of the era’s thinking just as the western world begins its accelerated journey into modernity.. A steampunk world of Victorian curio, where humans exist in underground isolation, living only through ‘The Machine’. Where normality is bizarre technology, and the world outside the machine a deadly place. But here, amongst the strange and the odd … there is hope.. ‘Because any moment, something tremendous may happen’.

Tickets: £15 per device. Unlimited viewers!

Limited capacity per show. Book early!

Ticket to the event admits you to two special events.

  • Sunday 4.15pm – Meet The Makers Q&A. A chance to meet and talk to the cast, crew and director of The Machine Stops, Operation Elsewhere and The Tempest.
  • Sunday 8.45pm – THE BIG AFTER- DEBATE including VIP panellists – discussing how theatre will emerge from lockdown. Who we are as a society. State vs personal responsibility and the role of the creative arts in paving innovation and hope for the future. Details to follow on

Has anyone come across a website called Thespie?  I have just signed up and it is a great place to find filmed performances, artist talks, livestreams, podcasts, and theatre resources.  Here’s a link to their website

Finally, thanks to Dave Bennet again for pointing me in the direction of Unprecedented on BBC 4.  Here you can find more information about this Series written and filmed in lockdown featuring the UK’s most celebrated actors.  Not only great entertainment but some fine examples of what can be done digitally.

Feel good moment – a fantastic version of Earth Song by members of the cast (past and present) of the stage musical Thriller.  Pure quality!


Hope you have a good week.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Be Creative



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