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Several festivals operate under the banner of SCDA:

NATIONAL ONE ACT FESTIVAL: The Festival of One Act Plays is the most widely supported. This Festival operates as a national event with three main stages. All entrants participate within their own District and the leading team or teams progress to the Divisional Festival. The winning two entrants from the Divisional Festival then progress to the Scottish Final and the Scottish winner proceeds to the British Final. At all levels the performances are reviewed by an adjudicator who gives a short assessment of the plays to the audience, in addition to choosing the winners of the various awards available. Festivals at all levels are held at specific venues and are spread over a number of nights.

District Festivals should normally be completed by the end of February and District Secretaries need to receive notice of intended entries by the second Saturday of November of the preceding year. Any club considering entering for the first time should discuss their plans with their District Secretary at the earliest possible time. Divisional Festivals are normally over by the end of March and the Scottish Final normally takes place in late April. Full details of rules and procedures are available from the festivals section of the SCDA website. There are actually two parallel festivals – Open and Youth. The Districts and Divisions operate their Youth Festivals in different ways, but each Division sends its winning Youth team to a Scottish Youth Final, generally held in June.

FESTIVALS OF FULL LENGTH PLAYS are operated on a Divisional basis. Details should be obtained from the appropriate Divisional Secretary. Performance is at a club’s normal venue at a date of their choice, as part of their normal programme. The adjudicator visits each entrant. It should be noted that currently only Eastern Division operates a full length festival.

NON-COMPETITIVE FESTIVALS: The Association encourages the development of Non-competitive Festivals. Some clubs (Birnam and Killin), have organised such Festivals but this is very much an area of development. In addition, non-competitive plays may be entered for the One Act Festival.  These may or may not be adjudicated depending on preference.

Although competition forms part of the motivation for our Festivals we cannot stress strongly enough that they are not cut-throat competitions but an opportunity for clubs to meet together, socialise and learn both from the adjudicators and from each other.

For dates see the festival diary page

All documents and forms can be found in the documents and forms page.

You can ask questions or leave comments on the festival forum page or you can email us at festivals@scda.org.uk