How to Run a Playreading Event

Tips on how to set up an online play reading event

Find a play

  • Cressrelles are releasing a play a day on their Facebook page. Simon is extremely helpful and you can contact him for a pdf copy that he is happy to be used for play reading purposes

  • Here’s another option, you can find short plays here written in direct response to the times we live in and they are free to download – Josef Weinberger

  • Thinking about pantos already? Ben Crocker Pantomimes is the place to go for a reading copy and he is very helpful and accommodating.


Find a cast

  • Why not use this time to mix up your cast hearing different voices reading the same lines lines

  • Don’t have enough actors? People can take on more than one role or put a callout through the SCDA social media to enlist from other clubs – great chance for new collaborations

  • Too many actors? Try a couple of short plays or double cast (each actor reads alternative character lines) or don’t cast and read round robin style


How does it work?

  • Take a look here at the blog on the SCDA website to read about a couple of different online platforms you can use from my perspective (not recommendations just sharing my experiences). The best way to find out what suits you is to just try it


Top Tips for success

  • Someone has to lead the session. Discussion needs to be managed – talking over each other can be problematic so find your own solution – most of these platforms have ways of digitally raising your hand or you can use some kind of visual aids.  Remember to get everyone to mute their microphone when they aren’t speaking – background noise can be deafening.

  • Speed times can vary between participants as well so there may be some unexpected pauses – just go with the flow

  • If someone’s audio is coming and going, leaving the call and returning might resolve it and If using a phone it often works better if you download the APP

  • Don’t forget to have fun!


AND … if this isn’t the right thing for your club but you would like to get involved Nick Hearn Books are running a Playgroup. You can read and discuss one new play each week for free and pose your questions to the Writer in a Q&A. Find out more information here  OR you could post a request on Facebook to join a play reading event with a different SCDA club which could be a lot of fun!


Stay Safe, Stay Connected and Be Creative



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  1. Betty Matheson

    Thank you Carole for this article. It’s full of good ideas, and not just for these present times.

    1. Carole Williams

      Thanks Betty, glad that you are finding it useful. I hope all is well with you. Carole

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