Let’s be ‘Frank’

Carole – Let’s be ‘Frank’

The title of this blog refers to the fact that Edinburgh People’s Theatre (EPT) are currently rehearsing Diary of Anne Frank and I was invited to deliver a workshop for them on Saturday 22 April.  Following some emails we settled on characters and physicality as the main theme but I would have in my mind the upcoming production.

When I arrived at the venue it was like entering a tardis.  We walked through workshops and storage areas for props and costumes arriving into a couple of spaces, a smaller one for meetings and sometimes rehearsing and the larger one for rehearsing giving the group have the luxury of often being able to rehearse in the same size of space as they have for performance.  There was a well fitted kitchen which I knew would be put to great use later for a coffee and cake break.

After the usual nerves over whether anyone would actually turn up the floodgates opened and we ended up with a huge group.  Although there was a varying degree of experience I quickly discovered that everyone had attended workshops before so I knew that it wouldn’t take too long to get everyone involved.  I was trying out some of the elements of the new workshop ‘Is there any ‘body’ there’ for the first time so it was a little scary but everyone was brilliant – throwing themselves completely into everything.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the group and I was made very welcome.  It was helpful for me to try out some new things although I hope that the group never felt like guinea pigs.  The quality of discussion and feedback at the end was really high and it was gratifying to see that some people who have been acting and sometimes directing for many years had never looked at performance from the perspective of physicality before.

To my regular readers I apologise for the lack of photos – it was one of those workshops that I tended to be leading in a lot and we were so wrapped up in a creative conversation at the end I missed the opportunity to get a group photo before people left.

I am hopeful that I will get back to EPT in the future and that they will add me to their list of workshop facilitator and I will soon have another date in the ‘diary’ (see what I did there?)



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