Here are some links for those interested in lighting.  I have checked them out and believe they are useful.  Sadly there is so much stuff out there which is frankly awful.

Please use the comments below if you find the links useful and to add any resources you have found and recommend.

Tony Flisch

Really engaging, very well produced 23 minute video insight into the professional creative lighting process.  Inspirational rather than instructional.

Useful Print resource introduction to light types and how to light a show.

Introduction to DMX

In depth guide with clickable contents page covering all aspects of lighting design aimed at students.

Resource rich source of articles tutorials etc on all aspects of lighting.


Although every care has been taken by SCDA in the recommendation of these resources, they exist on external servers outwith the control of SCDA and they have not been subject to detailed evaluation. Accordingly no guarantee is given by SCDA as to their suitability. SCDA shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising by virtue of accessing these links.

4 comments on “Lighting on-line resources

  1. Chris Hewett

    I finally got around to looking at your lighting links. There’s some fascinating stuff there. I now know how to replace an led chip with a gas stove! (Something i might have a go at).

    Many thanks for, Chris

    1. Peter Esson

      Thanks for this Tony – going to find these useful.

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