James Scotland Trust Fund

James Scotland Trust Fund

For several years in the past the emphasis on fund raising within the Association concentrated on District and Divisional matters rather than National ones. We used to regularly get requests for financial help from new clubs, clubs with unexpected financial hardship or even individual cases, eg a youngster attending an audition in London. However deserving the case there was no magic fund or account that the General Council could plunder.   Jimmy Scotland, playwright and ex-Chairman of the Association was very much aware of this and frequently spoke of the need for a ‘Trust Fund’ that could be a support and embellishment to the national funding. Trustees would run this fund separately from the Association.

In 1988 it was suggested that we set up such a fund and it was agreed it should be called after Mr Scotland. His widow Jean was approached and she graciously and enthusiastically agreed. The legal situation was slow but in February 1990 the trust fund was set up. The many districts and divisions along with individual members and clubs all gave various donations to start the fund. In September 1990 a Royal Gala event starring Andy Stewart, Jimmy Logan and in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon was held to boost the fund.

Over the years awards have been given out to many clubs and groups to assist with new premises, lighting purchases, new trailers, sound equipment, trips abroad and various other requests. It had been agreed that the money would assist clubs and groups only.

The existing efforts being put into raising income for the fund at present from members, member clubs, Districts and Divisions, is now virtually non-existent.

It was agreed the capital and the income of the Trust Fund would be used constructively and appropriately. We could use the Trust Fund to further the aims of the Association but also go beyond that and promote all efforts to ensure the future of SCDA. These very open criteria allow us to fund a variety of different projects.

The trustees are still willing to look at requests from clubs and also they would be grateful for any donations to help swell the fund and allow them to continue to help groups with various projects.

Clubs can apply in writing to the Convenor through SCDA Headquarters in Stirling giving full details of the project, a proposed budget and a copy of their clubs last balance sheet.