Leaving us a Gift in your Will

Leave us a Gift in your Will

You’re probably aware that SCDA is a registered charity, and is not in receipt of any financial support from Arts organisations or Government. To carry out our valuable work, we rely heavily on donations from supporters and, whatever the size of the gift, it is very much appreciated. From time to time we are in receipt of funds from legacies and, if this is of interest to you, please read on.

We’ve drawn up a form that may assist you in making a bequest to us, and you can find the form here. You may or may not already have a Will and we mention using a solicitor on the form as probably most people opt to use one to draw up or amend their Will.

If you wish to use a solicitor and don’t already have one, then you can find one via the Law Society of Scotland.

Another option is to use a professional Will writer. It is important to check that they belong to a professional body and the Institute of Professional Will Writers is one such body. They do have members working in Scotland.

Many High Street banks now offer a Will writing service for their customers. You should contact your local branch or look at your bank website for further information.

You can of course write your own Will and there are many websites that offer help with this.

We’ve written this on the basis that you reside in Scotland. 

However you proceed, should you decide to support SCDA in this way we’d be honoured and appreciative.