Milngavie Merriment

Carole – Milngavie Merriment

On a Monday evening in April I headed to Milngavie Lesser Hall to meet the folk from Kilmardinny.  Unfortunately their local venue is still closed for redevelopment but the space we had was perfect for the size of group.

The group wanted to focus on body language and physicality and following my recent workshop with EPT I felt quite confident to deliver something interesting.  I had recently seen Kilmardinny’s production of Confusions so I knew that there were strong acting skills within the group but I hoped that I could give them some food for thought.

Working with gesture and taking away the group’s ability to communicate verbally was quite a challenge but the group rose to it all with good humour and a desire to be playful whilst at the same time learning something new.  There was a warm, supportive and friendly atmosphere in the room from the first exercise to the feedback session at the end.

With participants expressing an interesting for some more workshops in the future I hope that this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Luckily someone else in the group was taking photographs which allowed me to focus on leading the workshops.  Here are a couple to whet your appetite.



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