PVG / Child Protection


Child/Protected Adult Legislation – Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG)

It is the policy of Scottish Community Drama Association to ensure that all participants in workshops, festivals and drama productions are safeguarded from physical, sexual and emotional harm while taking part.

SCDA requires that everyone working with children, young people or protected adults in a paid or voluntary capacity follow the Code of Conduct set out in this downloadable document Code of Conduct

Taking part in drama can provide valuable and challenging learning experiences, as well as offering fun, and a change of environment and should be encouraged.  All activity involves an element of risk and no-one can give absolute guarantees of safety to young people and their parents/carers. But we must make sure that all possible precautions are taken to reduce the possibility of accidents and minimise danger.

Adults carrying out regulated work have a legal duty of care towards young people under the age of 18 and/or protected adults and we all have a responsibility to ensure that these legal obligations are met as well as moral obligation to ensure that children and protected adults are kept as safe as possible.

A protected adult is defined as a person aged 16 or over who has received one or more type of care of welfare service either regularly or for a short period of time. More details on the definition of a protected adult can be found in Section 94 of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Act (Scotland) 1997 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/asp/2007/14/contents .

In February 2011 the Scottish Government introduced a new membership scheme, Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG), to replace and improve the disclosure arrangements for people working with vulnerable groups (including children). For the purposes of child protection a person is considered to be a child up to the age of 18.

All adults carrying out regulated work must be members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme (PVG).

For SCDA purposes regulated work is defined as regular activity aimed at children or protected adults. Regular is not defined by frequency i.e. it does not need to be weekly, if you produce an annual pantomime and include children in the cast every year it will be considered regular.

This does not mean that every adult who is a member of a club is eligible to join the PVG Scheme. SCDA have had discussions with Volunteer Scotland and have agreed that the following roles are within scope for PVG checking

  • Director
  • Choreographer
  • Musical Director
  • Rehearsal Assistant
  • Chaperone
  • Wardrobe Assistant
  • Charity Trustee – Children’s Charities only


There is lots of information available online. Recommended websites: –

Volunteer Scotland: https://www.volunteerscotland.net/for-organisations/disclosure-services/

Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme: https://www.mygov.scot/pvg-scheme/

We have created a resource pack to help you. Please follow the link below to download your copy.  It comprises guidance and templates for you to customise for your club that should cover all of your needs. If you need anything else in addition to these documents please contact Carole Williams, the National Drama Advisor on nda@scda.org.uk.  The Word version will allow you to customise the templates

Download SCDA Child Protection Resource Pack  as a pdf

Download SCDA Child Protection Resource Pack  as Word document