Highland Division

Highland   Highland Division

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Chairman Donald Farmer
Vice-Chairman Alan Gerrard
Secretary Cath Stevenson
Treasurer Alan Gerrard
Caithness (council area Highland, formerly Caithness District)
Chairman: Alan Gerrard
Vice Chairman: Heather McLean
Secretary: Donald Farmer
Treasurer: Audrey O’Brien
Moray Firth  (council area: Highland, formerly Inverness District)
Chairman: Chris Hewet
Vice Chairman: Paul Woods
Secretary: Tracey Woods
Treasurer: Fiona Grant
Skye  (council area: Highland, Isle of Skye.)
Chairman: Sally Phelps
Vice Chairman:
Secretary: David Hammond
South West Ross  (council area: Highland, formerly Caithness District)
Chairman: Pam Bright
Vice Chairman:
Secretary: Jill Charnley
Treasurer: Gill James