SCDA Citizens Directors Training

SCDA Citizens Directors Training


  • SCDA has created this exciting opportunity in partnership with the Citizens’ Theatre in Glasgow in order to build the confidence of emerging directors, as well as enhancing the skills and knowledge of those directors with more experience.
  • We would like, if possible to attract people from a range of backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and gender.
  • Applications are now invited from SCDA Club members for this exciting opportunity for aspiring directors with some practical experience.
  • Those with a high level of experience will be given a lower priority but are encouraged to apply.
  • This course is not suitable for anyone with no practical experience of directing. We would also like to see evidence of commitment to SCDA.
  • It is important to note that all applications must be sponsored by the parent club and accompanied by a letter to that effect.  Clubs may sponsor more than one individual, however no more than one person will be chosen from any one club.

Details of the training

  • The workshops will take place over 2 intensive weekends.  Each participant will have the opportunity to try out skills and knowledge gained, with professional actors in a supportive environment.  They will subsequently receive mentoring by the SCDA National Drama Advisor as they direct a production following the training[1].

Dates :                    22-23 September and 13-14 October

Venue :                   The workshops will take place in Glasgow

Facilitators :          Guy Hollands, Citizens Theatre, Carole Williams, SCDA

[1] It is a requirement that all participants direct a play within one year of the course.

  • Our expectation is that successful applicants will contribute beyond the mandatory production, both locally and nationally to the aims of SCDA.
  • All applicants must submit a letter of support from their Club confirming that they will be given the opportunity to direct a production within 1 year of completing the training.
  • Clubs may support more than one applicant, but there will be no more than one selected from any one club.
  • It is expected that all participants will cooperate in spreading more widely the skills and expertise they have gained.
  • Participants must attend both weekends. In addition to attending the workshops, participants may be asked to prepare something in advance and will be required to do some planning work between the 2 weekends.
  • Places are limited to ensure that everyone has sufficient time and space to maximise learning and we therefore ask you only to apply if you are able to make the level of commitment required.
  • There is no cost to the participants beyond meeting their travel and subsistence. Divisions will be encouraged to assist with this, especially in cases of hardship.  You will need to contact the division yourself to pursue this.
  • There will be a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 from each division on the course.
  • Selection, solely on merit, will made by Guy and Carole from information on anonymised forms.
  • Only after we have the final 9 will the applications be matched with the personal information. If we have two from the same club, the lower ranked one will be removed and replaced by the next ranked unsuccessful applicant.
  • Remaining unsuccessful applications will be placed on a reserve list.
  • Download Application Form