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Voices from Lockdown 


March marks one year of the COVID-19 restrictions that have had a huge effect on all areas of our lives including ‘live’ theatre that we all love so much.  SCDA would like to create a montage of videos that showcase the experiences, hope, dreams and, perhaps too, the fears of our younger members.

So: –

  • are you under 25 and a member of SCDA or an SCDA affiliated club?
  • would you like to share your experiences of drama during lockdown or your hopes and dreams for the future of theatre in Scotland?
    If your answer is yes, and we hope it is, then we would love you to be a part of this project.

How do you get involved?

  1. If 13 or over then
  • Create a short (30 second) video.
  • This could be you speaking to camera or perhaps holding up a sign, poster or picture that communicates what you would like to say.
  • Upload your video to YouTube and set the visibility to public.
  • Use the submission form to give us the link by the closing date of 19th April 2021
  1. If under 13 then
  • Your club will make arrangements for getting parental permission and upload your video using the submission form as under 13s are not allowed to do this.

Not sure how to get started?  Here are some prompts that you could use but feel free to use your own words.

  • I remember…
  • I hope or I wish …
  • I believe …
  • I wonder…

You will then need to complete the submission form to give us your details and send us the link.  If you are under the age of 18 your parent/guardian or carer will also need to give their permission on the form.

We would love to hear as many voices as possible, so please get creative and be a part of this Scotland-wide project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Voices@SCDA.org.uk